Know when things will happen!

How Can You Manage Web Projects More Effectively?

As a design agency, you more than likely recognise some or all of the following problems when it comes to managing a project.

  • Struggle to deliver projects on time?
  • Projects often collide leading to long hours and resource issues?
  • Made a promise but struggled to keep it?
  • Find it impossible to manage expectations or battle scope creep?
  • Have not budgeted for a Project Manager?

Introducing Quando Expectation Management

With the Quando* system, we personally consolidate all your projects into one, easy to use interface giving you instant visibility of how your valuable time and resource is affected from the top level down.

You will enjoy access to our highly experienced project managers who can meet with you on a weekly basis, reviewing all key tasks, and holding all relevant parties accountable.

You can expect to receive personalised training for you and your team during these meetings who will educate your staff, and potentially clients on how your project(s) are to be managed more effectively, and empower everyone to work together towards that one goal.

In short we:

  • build your personalised process
  • train you and your team in it
  • provide you ongoing support and accountability
  • and become an extension of your team

*Quando is latin for "When"

Before the Quando Management Programme, we were pretty much guessing all the time. We would often over promise or take on too much work.

We can now see everything from a high level, and with the weekly support of our Quando Project Manager, we are delivering on time, becoming more profitable and getting amazing feedback from our clients.

Lee Jackson - LeeJacksonDev - Digital Agency

Getting Started Is Easy


We kick off with a discovery meeting where we learn about your agency, your clients and your projects


Next we collect all your project data. This could be both verbally, or from your different management systems


Your data is then analysed by the Quando team. The information is collated, and then represented to you visually


Having got to know your business we develop a carefully planned strategy for managing your ongoing projects


Your team are then fully trained by your Quando Project Manager, and guided through implementation


You are supported on a monthly or weekly basis to ensure you stick to the plan, and to help evolve as your business evolves


Get It Now

$2995 One Off Fee
  • Discovery Meeting
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis
  • Written Strategy Document
  • Implementation Training of Two Employees
  • Handover

Quando Consulting

From * $150 Per Hour
  • Quando Strategy PLUS the following:
  • Implementation Support
  • Weekly Schedule Planning
  • Weekly Project Meetings
  • Monthly Project Evaluations
  • On Call Business and Management Consultations

Quando Custom

Your Specifications
  • Ongoing data analysis
  • Client training and communication
  • Large scale IT implementations
  • Project or Program development

(*) Quando Consulting is available by phone and by email. Ongoing support contracts are available.